Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Playing Zuma Games online

In the last post, I talked about downloading your Zuma games, however over the last few days, i have a change of heard and found out that playing zuma games online is more hassle free and less to worry about, you can play online by clicking here Zuma Games and here Zuma Deluxe.

Downloading zuma games

Here is where I download my zuma games,

How cool to play a zuma game

Monday, March 25, 2013

Zuma Deluxe Game – how simple flash games can be so addicting

It’s a piece of history, simple flash games with very addictive gameplays are here to stay.
Playing games online or on your phone has been a habit for some people. Bored and unoccupied, anybody would just love to try to play their no brainer simple games if they can. Zuma Deluxe is a grand example of an addictive game that has been famous and is still making waves with its free updates.  The game itself is just simple, the levels and the designs are the same in general but one can never be tired or feel bored with the repetitiveness because it is a thrill to play.

A little background on the gameplay Zuma Deluxe Online is in the genre of puzzles and is considered one of the best games in the action puzzle game category. The story line is you are the stone idol, a frog in this case of the ancient Zuma. You are then tasked to unearth and discover ancient temples and will be doing a lot of exploring within the game.  You have to set up and make groups of colored balls to a group of three or more, making them explode and avoiding them to ever reach the skull in the middle. This is known as the Golden Skull, which you must protect throughout the game. Together with pulsing sounds and great graphics, one can be engulfed to the world of Zuma Deluxe.
A little history for Zuma Deluxe game
PopTart created the flash game Zuma Deluxe. It was first idealized to be funny, but in the end, it became such a hit because of its addictive qualities.  To be able to draw addiction, the team provides lots of secrets and levels unlocking ancient civilizations. Clearing the balls that are on queue and on their way to the skull may seem so basic at first, but trust me; it can be frustrating at times.

Zuma Deluxe has since improved since it was first created. It is now available on many platforms. This flash game is being liked, shared and talked about by many generations of young and old gamers and enthusiasts. I doubt that not anybody around today may still have heard about Zuma Deluxe or its variants. If you are one of them, I suggest you take time to try and do research and know where to play the game as this is gaming history in the making.

Rachelle Savvas is an entrepreneur but a very dedicated gamer at heart. During long train rides, she immerses herself with simple flash games to kill time. During coffee breaks with no one to talk to, she also does her thing with simple flash games, may it be in her laptop or her mobile phone. She writes and blogs about games all the time.